EBN Academy values greatly the partnership between the school and families of the students.  We aim to work together with parents/carers from the initial integration meeting in order to support the students as they transition in to the school. Parents/carers are given regular feedback on the progress of their child through the form tutor system, termly reports and parents evening. Through these systems we gather the views of parents/carers in relation to their child’s experience of the Academy. We ask that all parents support the Academy policies, work closely with staff to support their child’s learning and communicate any issues that may affect their child’s progress.



Every student is expected to be at EBN Academy on time. Pupils will be deemed to be late, after registration, if they arrive after 8.30am or 11.30am.

Class teachers are expected to be in their teaching spaces to welcome students.

A record of late comers and reason for lateness will be kept and discussed weekly.

Any students lateness will be recorded and patterns of lateness will result in students will need to make-up the lost time.

Lateness will be recorded in MIS system.  Letter will be sent home to inform parents on the first day of lateness. If students are late again, a letter will inform parents that they will be placed on Spotlight.