“EBN academy has changed my life because they have given me another chance at getting a future for myself. They have given me more support than I got at my previous school and I now have a better understanding of what to do with my future. I would definitely recommend EBN academy because it is a good place to help get the future that you want”


“EBN academy has helped me to access higher grades than I would have been able to at my previous school. Without EBN I would have been still at my old school struggling with life and other things. EBN academy has given me support in the subjects that I struggle with and has ensured I am on track to achieve the target grades that I require to go to my chosen college or sixth form.”


“Coming to EBN Academy has shown me the other side of education and I have learnt to appreciate everything I had before but most importantly, what I have now. EBN academy has supported me through interviews, by this I mean they helped me to apply to college and even willing to go with me, which no other school would do for me. I appreciate the fact the EBN academy has provided me with taxis to ensure I get to school safely and on time. I know that this is not something a mainstream school would do. They have gone above and beyond.”


“EBN Academy has provided me with a new chance at doing something good for my future and by helping learn about work. They also treat every single one of us as equals. The teaching is really good and so is the work we are given to do. EBN has supported me by increasing my knowledge in my GCSE subjects that I have been having trouble with. The teachers are safe and they don’t pick on each and every student for tiny little things. The teachers are capable of helping use to achieve our goals so that we can get our college places and hopefully go to university.”


“This school has helped change my life and its been down to the teachers and students.”


“Since joining EBN I have been given an opportunity to get GCSE’s. I have got my head down and changed my attitude to my learning and am looking forward and planning for my future.”


“EBN Academy has impacted on my life by changing who I am, because in the past I have made mistakes. However, being at EBN has made me think positively about my future. I have learnt so much whilst being at EBN because I learn a lot more and am reaching my grades. The best thing about EBN Academy is the after school revision clubs. I am attending them already and the sessions have helped me prepare for my exams. I would recommend EBN Academy because when you get there it is a new start and it is a chance to move on. My favourite teacher has to be Mr Thomas because he teaches so well and helps us with our maths sessions and the pupils’ learning.”


“Since joining EBN I believe my behaviour around school and towards other students has changed and they have given me many chances to realise that I am capable of behaving positively and they have encouraged me to have a growth mindset and they have given me the opportunity to believe in myself.”