About the EBN Academy Trust

The East Birmingham Network is one of six networks which are part of Birmingham Local Authority.  There are 13 secondary schools within this network (2 of which are the EBN Academies) that provide for over 18,500 students between the ages 11 to 19.  These East Birmingham Network Secondary schools have a long history of collaboration in areas such as Behaviour and Attendance Partnerships, Sharing Panel, collaborative continual professional development, collaborative school evaluation, local area curriculum planning and joint Post-16 provision. The EBN Partnership opened the EBN Free Schools to provide purposeful learning environments for vulnerable students who were at risk of permanent exclusion. EBN Academy (Yardley) opened in September 2012. In September 2015 EBN Academy 2 (Castle Vale) opened forming the EBN Academy Trust. The EBN Academy Trust and it’s 2 Academies is now governed separately from the EBN Partnership but there are still strong links between the two, with the 2 Academies sitting on the East Birmingham Partnership of schools and overseeing the East Birmingham Partnership Sharing Panel, a serving EBN partnership Head Teacher sitting on the Board of Trustee’s and another senior member of staff sitting on the Local Governing Board of the Trust. EBN Academy has a PAN of 75 students and EBN Academy 2 a PAN of 78 students   and between them the Academies now serve up to 30 separate schools (Mainstream secondary and other Alternative Provision) across Birmingham, Solihull and occasionally Warwickshire.

Our Academies

EBN Academy (Yardley)

EBN Academy 2 (Castle Vale)

The MAT Structure consist of:

A) Members

B) MAT Board of Trustee’s

C) Finance, Audit, HR and general purposes

D) Local Governing Body (LGB)

E) Health and Safety Committee


Gaetano Ferrante

Glen Alexander

Alex Hughes

Board of Trustee’s:

David Brown (Chair)

Alex Hughes

Mark Bache

Jill Saunders

Matthew Wallis-Baldwin (Executive Head Teacher)

Phil Melling

Jas Sohal

Finance, HR and General Purposes Committee/Audit and Risk Committee:

Mark Bache (Chair)

Alex Hughes

Matthew Wallis-Baldwin (Executive Head Teacher and Accounting Officer)

Local Governing Board:

Jill Saunders (Chair)

Matthew Wallis-Baldwin (Executive Head Teacher)

Leighton Thomas (Head Teacher EBN Academy)

Naila Sulieman (Governor)

Joshua Lawrence (Governor)

Steve Hobson (Governor)

Samantha Hawker (Staff Governor)

Health and Safety Committee:

Matthew Wallis-Baldwin (Chair)

Anthony Round

Leighton Thomas

Laura Donohoe

Pete Deakin

Tom Ellis (Staff Rep EBN Academy 2)

Nafisa Rehman (Staff Rep EBN Academy)

Governance Professional to the Trust:

Sue Cooke