Public Services

WHAT is this subject about?

You will gain knowledge & skills needed to be in Public Services, you learn about teamwork/citizenship/diversity/crime and its effects and how the emergency services work.

WHY should I choose this subject?

Because you want to help people and be of value to your community, joining a public services course will give you the skills needed. This course will give you the basic foundations to help you progress to further course and help you to gain future employment.

WHEN and HOW am I assessed?

You will have a tutor/ assessor who will grade you on both your knowledge and practical based learning outcomes. These assessments will be set within an agreed window through the duration of your course, and your assessor/tutor will provide you with feedback on every occasion that an assignment or practical observation takes place

Additional to the assessment process, both internal and external verification will be completed before certification if issued.

WHICH subjects should I have an aptitude in?

Communication skills, maths, English, sports and being a team player

WHERE could this subject take me in the future?

To a higher level public services course, university and then…Police/fire and rescue/military