Motor Vehicle

WHAT is this subject about?

This subject is to learn basic Health and Safety in the motor mechanical industry. Also included are basic skills in changing car breaks. On successful completion of this course you can gain an IMIAL Motor Vehicle Level 1 Award

WHY should I choose this subject?

If you’re interested in a career in Motor Mechanics this course will set you on a path to further education or progress you on into the work place via an Apprenticeship.  It will teach you basic skills; which will include Health and Safety and basic break change.

WHEN and HOW am I assessed?

You will have a tutor/ assessor who will grade you on both your knowledge and practical based learning outcomes. These assessments will be set within an agreed window through the duration of your course, and your assessor/tutor will provide you with feedback on every occasion that an assignment or practical observation takes place. Additional to the assessment process, both internal and external verification will be completed before certification if issued.

WHICH subjects should I have an aptitude in?

You will need to enjoy working with your hands, some English and Maths is helpful and the work is fairly physical, also able to take instruction.

WHERE could this subject take me in the future?

Successful completion of the course will support you progression on to further courses and training via college or to enter the workplace through Apprenticeship placement, both routes will offer training from L1 –L3 /L4.