Hair and Beauty

WHAT is this subject about?

This is an introductory programme and intended for anyone who wishes to explore their interest in the hair and beauty sector. It will help you gain an insight about the industry; learn useful basic skills and a relevant background knowledge of how to become creative with Hair & Makeup, as well as building good communication skills & how to reflect a good personal & professional image.

Qualifications you have the opportunity to gain from this course are:

  • E3 Award in an Introduction to the Hair & Beauty sector
  • L1 Award in an Introduction to the Hair & Beauty sector
  • L1 Certificate in an Introduction to the Hair & Beauty sector

WHY should I choose this subject?

This subject will not only give you an insight to the hair & beauty industry and a qualification, but set you on a path to employment via progression onto other college courses & training or onto an Apprenticeship earn as you learn salon based training. This course will be your first step to building the knowledge, practical skills & confidence you need to move forward in the Hair & Beauty industry

WHEN and HOW am I assessed?

You will have a tutor/ assessor who will grade you on both your knowledge and practical based learning outcomes. These assessments will be set within an agreed window through the duration of your course, and your assessor/tutor will provide you with feedback on every occasion that an assignment or practical observation takes place.

Tasks will require you to:

  • Demonstrate their subject knowledge
  • Find out and report on hairdressing and beauty treatments, products and fashions, or the industry
  • Demonstrate the practical skills acquired.

Additional to the assessment process, both internal and external verification will be completed before certification if issued.

WHICH subjects should I have an aptitude in?

There are no prior subject grade requirements for this level of course, but it is advised that you be working towards gaining a GCSE in maths & English to support future progression.

WHERE could this subject take me in the future?

Successful completion of the course will support you progression on to further courses and training via college or to enter the workplace through Apprenticeship placement, both routes will offer training from L1 –L3 /L4. The hair and Beauty industry offers varied career paths allowing you to eventually specialise in a particular area, this could be as a colour technician, nail technician, specialise in cutting. You may wish to go on further to become an Assessor or teacher going as far as University. The world is you Oyster.