We endeavor to provide a science curriculum, here at EBN Academy, that will equip pupils not only with the skills and knowledge they will need in next stage of education, but that will also encourage them to see that the understanding of science is a vital part of the modern world and their future.

We aim to provide a broad inspiring curriculum that engages pupils’ curiosity about the natural world, while giving them a framework to question and investigate that world. As one of the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering) we promote the study of science as a major career path for all pupils.

We study biological, chemical and physical process, through topics which show the links between these different disciplines, using the ‘big ideas’ of science, such as particles and energy, to underpin these scientific processes. Throughout our science curriculum we try to show how science is used in the ‘real’ world. We look at aspects such as forensics, cooking, medicine and sports science. This provides pupils with a context within which these scientific processes are used as well as embedding science as a part of everyday British culture.

Pupils engage in a range of investigations, learning to: plan, carry out, analyse and evaluate experiments, as well as assessing risk to make sure their experiments are safe. They learn how scientific models and theories help to explain their observations, as well as learning how these models and theories can change as new observations are made.

Pupils learn how science has developed as a discipline over time, by studying the history of key scientific ideas and the leading British and world scientists and cultures that have contributed to this understanding. Through the curriculum we aim to develop in pupils an appreciation of the power of science to improve peoples’ lives.