Mathematics at EBN Academy offers two qualifications; the students undertake Mathematics and Statistics at GCSE level. The department prides itself on providing our students with all key areas of mathematics, which include reasoning, applying and proving mathematical concepts. The department has embedded the new style GCSE (9 – 1) in our program of study and created new schemes of work to enable all students to access mathematics under the banner of teaching backwards. The level of stretch and challenge in the department is high and we drive our students forward with the ethos of ‘no loss to learning, no one left behind and no excuses.’

All courses are specific to each year group allowing the students to achieve a wide breadth and a deeper understanding of mathematics as it is today.  The department has also adopted the mastery approach to all areas of maths ensuring that no student is left behind in their studies by using high quality resources, detailed personal learning checklists and well planned lessons.

In year 11 the students complete the statistics GCSE course giving them another opportunity to explore mathematical concepts such as collecting, representing and analysing data. This includes coursework where the students learn skills such as researching and gathering information from many different sources. This valuable extra GCSE provides our students with a currency to move forward into further education.

EBN is committed to developing mathematical skills in all of our students and to encourage further study of mathematics beyond EBN Academy