At EBN the English qualification is made up of two GCSE grades. The first of which is an English language qualification and the second is English literature. The two GCSE qualifications offer our students the same currency as any mainstream school and allows them to progress into further education with the same starting points as any other GCSE student.

The model of teaching backwards is a key component in the delivery of both language and literature at EBN. The students will study Shakespeare, Poetry, Modern drama as well as a plethora of non-fiction texts in preparation for the examinations. The curriculum is both challenging and demanding in terms of outcomes and content. Students at EBN are expected to thrive on challenge and in this curriculum area the course certainly offers them the opportunity to succeed.

Pupil progress is at the centre of everything we do in the department and we operate under the mantra of ‘no loss to learning, no one left behind and no excuses.’ The students have adopted this approach and the curriculum we provide in English both supports and promotes high aspirations and high achievement.