Individual Liberty

We invest a great deal of time in creating a positive culture in our school, so that students are in a safe environment where choice and freedom are encouraged. In lessons, students often have a choice of learning tasks. We encourage students to choose a task which will challenge them, giving them more freedom to determine their own learning. We offer a range of clubs which students have the freedom to choose from, based on their interests. Through our e-Safety, RE and Personal Development sessions, we educate children on their rights and personal freedoms as well as supporting them in recognising how to exercise these freedoms safely. At  EBN Academy we believe that valuing choice and freedom in daily school life will foster values of individual liberty as the students embark upon their adult lives.

Examples within lessons:

Maths – ‘Choosing different international mathematical processes’

Geography – Migration, Brexit, Politics

RE: Free will and autonomy

Character Curriculum – Civil rights, Diversity and Mutual Respect

Science – ‘Genetic testing – do you and others have the right?’

Media: responsible use of technology