The Alpha’s Academy

14 November 2017

 Congratulations to our students for completing the Alphas programme, they have been brave, resilient, and honored their word.  This certificate is a representation of their hard work and dedication during this programme, and we look forward to seeing how our students  implement the knowledge they have gained from this programme in everyday life. Both Malikha McDonald and EBN Academy are extremely proud of our young people, and as a result of their success they will now be considered to be apart of the Alphas Academy. The Alphas Academy will offer many opportunities for our young people, providing work experience, full time employment, and apprenticeships at establishments such as, Jaguar Land Rover, NatWest Bank and Nandos just to name a few.   

Exciting times await our students, and I know they will never forget the life lessons they have learned during the Alphas programme that will make their futures even brighter. We all believe in our young people and this programme has demonstrated they have the ability to also believe in themselves  100% 100% of the time.